HackPSU Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in and helped with HackPSU. We were excited to put on the largest hackathon ever held at Penn State. This was the first year we were able to cover traveling costs and have participants from other universities. This was all thanks to our wonderful sponsors—GE, Ready Force, Microsoft, Team Tree House, and the Smeal College of Business.

We were impressed by the presentations at the end, but we were even more impressed by the hacking that took place throughout the entire weekend. On Sunday morning, trays of bagels and cream cheese arrived without a single knife. Within minutes, the people working on the 3-d printers simply print a knife for everyone to use. This hackathon was about a lot more than just completing a project in 24 hours. For Patrick Chou, it was “ a very unique way of learning and gaining new experience.” Another participant Cindy Qing De shared, “I would definitely encourage other people to join any future hackathons because it is a heck lot of fun!” “It is also a great opportunity to actually apply the theoretical knowledge that you learn in school in the real life and there’s tons of food!”

Congrats to the winners! The sleep deprivation was worth it.

1st Place ($1000 sponsored by GE)

  • RemoteIn-An Android App, which lets your phone call back any phone without you touching it. Simply send a SMS message to the phone to call back and it does, with the Speaker on.
  • Team- Niranjan Singh

2nd Place ($500 sponsored by ReadyForce)

  • aMAZEing- A 4-player collaborative 3d puzzle game built in the unity engine. Includes an easy map editor for simple and quick creation of levels.
  • Team- Joshua Lee, Kevin Fanning, Sagar Patel and Andrew Harper

3rd Place ($250 sponsored by Microsoft)

  • inDistance- An Android App that enables you to send, schedule to send or even request a scheduled video, picture or a voice message and at no cost of your data plan.
  • Team- Cindy De Kueh and Ben Pourzand

Honorable Mention (Xbox Kinect)

  • SocialSense- See your online presence or search for somebody else. No need to log in to any services to view. All information displayed is public data grabbed from all around the internet.
  • Team- Patrick Chou and Ani Channarasappa

Special thanks to our judges—Steve Welch, Liz Kisenwether and Steve Carpenter for determining the winners and providing advice to those wishing to pursue their projects.

A huge thank you to Innoblue members Eli Kariv, Andreas Boehm, Bobby Chen, Matt Dantone and John Oliver for helping with the event, Linda Feltman of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kendall Spangler for providing the tshirt design, Max Wendkos for helping teams refine their ideas and improve their design, and Carl and Jing for photographing the event. Thanks to Canyon Pizza and Jersey Mike’s for providing food for the hackathon. It should be known that 15 boxes of Canyon pizza were consumed in less than 10 minutes. Lastly, we couldn’t have done it without the Farrel Center and Smeal, so thank you again for allowing us to have such a great accommodating location for the event.

Look out for announcements about our spring hackathon!


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