Looking Forward

Dear Innobluers,

We want to thank everyone for coming out last night to our kick-off workshop, which was a wild success. We had 167 attendees, great input from Penn State professors and State College community members, and we even had enough pizza for everyone.

We covered a lot of information yesterday, but here’s a quick recap in case you missed it:

1) We are here for you.

We want to hear what you want to see from our organization. Your opinions and needs will shape future workshops and meetups, and that’s what’s important to us: catering to a demonstrated need in the community. Whether you’d like more workshops featuring design or want more opportunities to network, we’re here to oblige. Let us know!

2) We are trying to change entrepreneurship at Penn State.

Our efforts to bring in 1000 pitches and integrate it so heavily into the community are in the vein of helping people understand that great ideas can come from anyone. Entrepreneurs aren’t always business majors or engineers; they’re people who see a problem and similarly, see a solution. We want to change this campus into an atmosphere that constantly generates ideas for change and improvement. Self-starting will become accessible to everyone and anyone who has an idea–that’s our vision.

3) Entrepreneurs find pain points.

No parking in downtown State College? Have to wait too long in bar lines? Don’t have an organized way to search for a new apartment?These are just some every day pain points that plague the average Penn Stater. Look for them in your life, and then think about the best way to fix. Or, if that’s not your speed, improve a current product, reduce costs, or join another group.

4)  Get your money’s worth!

According to our guest speaker last night, Dr. Boyer, money should not be a deterant from your progress. We can help with that, and so can Penn State. Use us!

5) Take your ideas seriously.

Don’t just write them off as daydreams. Think about how they can happen. Write them down in a special journal. Give yourself the time and importance that you deserve. When you have a good idea,  pursue it. Life will tell whether you succeed or fail–don’t prevent yourself from learning those valuable lessons.

6) Submit to 1000 Pitches.

Because you take yourself seriously or because you might win $1000, log on and submit your video–you never know!

Thanks, everybody! We’ll see you at our next workshop on September 16th in 104 Business Bldg., and until then, happy brainstorming!


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